i dont think you know enough about the jedeo-christain god as you claim for 1 god did not make us depended on killing other creaters thats how satin corrupted us to be

athiests dont ssem to understand that the suffering in todays world comes from satin. its like this imagen a huge blaste of fire heading right at you and just as it is about to hit you it stops and hits a huge wall but the wall has holes in it and some fire gets through and hurts you and the less you belive in god the weaker the wall gets thats satins plan make you dispair enough to think god dosnt exsit then instead of attacking the fire goes right into you and uses you cause as a unbeliver the wall can not help you [i hope you know by now the fire is satin and the wall is god] but if you are more faithful in god the walls holes close up and the wall will start to push back but if you get spoiled and argent the wall may teach you a lession but always emember that the wall is on your side and the fire wants to kill you. ok ill stop useing the mediphore

the point is there are 2 unper forcses at work, god and satin