Back in 1994, while living in Canada, I managed to catch a documentary show called 'Witness' with Noltan Nash as host, on CBC. The topic was aging and Dr. Michael West was interviewed. I believe the piece was put together by an independent author from the US. The piece was offered in two, one-hr parcels a week apart. Needless to say, I was deeply affected by the information that Dr. West was offering, regarding aging and the research that his group had undertaken. I could not function for several days. Even my secretary, at my Chiropractic office, noticed that I was not myself. My dysfunctional status was out of fear for the future and the impact it would have if we were to have the ability to stop the aging process.  My mind swirled with possible outcomes and scenarios that could happen to society. I would say that if we put a dozen of the best futurists or the like together in a room for 48hrs and let them pound out the changes for our world, they would not be able to scratch the surface of possibilities. Money, retirement, who gets to have children, government controls, etc. The list would be huge. Then the host hit me between the eyes with the statement of being able to REVERSE the aging process! We, as a society need to have a serious discussion on this. It is about time. I have been waiting 14 yrs for this.