First off all I also do not like at when serious political debate about policy and importat issues turns to religion. I think it the religon of a candidate has no effec at all on his competence nor anything elese. I also agree with you that this question shows atleast some degree of prejudice.

 However i think america is anything is mote about religious freedom then religious tolorence. That includes the freedom to prefet people of your own religion in office. Now yes this may be close minded and ignorant but we cant tell these candidates not to suck up to the christion population. 

So i guess my responce is yes im not thriled that religion is a factor in politics. But thers nothing we can do to prevent people from syaing what they wish and voting for who they wish based on what they wish. The best way to show your disaproval is not to vote for those candidates.

And im not so sure what this has to do with seperation of church and state.