The time is now for internal evolution!  Granted, technology will better itself rapidly over the next 10-20 years with cleaner emissions, evnironmentally friendly lifestyles, etc.; but I truly believe that we are all at the cusp of an internal evolution.  With sources of information getting easier and easier to come by we, as a whole, are stiving for more.  Almost like knowledge as a drug!  The internet, bookstores, etc. give us a taste of what real knowledge is... now we want to know more.  How can I self diagnose better?  What other languages are there in the world?  What the heck is string theory?  Things that stumble in and out of our scope of knowledge that we want (that we need) to know more about.  Maybe evolution will begin to open up more of our brains abilities... and I don't mean sci-fi... I mean by filling it up with even more information.