yeah,I agree that people should take this issue seriously. I have been thinking of this issue for long time. After the II world war,seems that people won the fight against Nazism. And after the falling down we won the fight against communism.The economies are getting better and better. Seems that we do not have nothing to concern except how to make more money. Is that true? In my opinion, staring from the end of the II world war, people all around the world became more and more rely on the institution of government and the institution of corporation. Let's just focus on the government. If we take a look back to our history after the II world war, we can see how the government step into every corner of our life. The government regulate every thing now in the name of helping us.They promulgated new laws and regulations every minutes in the name of protecting our rights. But I don't think so. When we are familiar with these actions or the function played by the institution of government, we can never get ride of it.Just as we can never get ride of the institution of corporation although we know that corporation makes troubles.First, the governance of a state, then the governance of world. Because we let our government to discuss and decide how we should protect our environment. The more we rely on something, the more we lose. We rely on government, because our government can provide us social securities, then we lose our rights to choose what medi-care we want and which is the best. In the past we have individual sovereign, but now we only get state or government sovereign. It's a terrible trends.