I think this is a really good question that has been asked.  I've thought on this a lot myself.  When I've looked at my own behaviour when I don't get along with others I've begun to notice that at the core of the problem is my own thinking.  I'm generally in some form of fear and there are many forms of fear out there even forms that look like courage.  I remember Gary Zukov in one of his books mentioning being a Green Beret and how much his own fear affected the energy he put into being stronger and better in an attempt to make up for an inner lack.  That touched home for me.  I suspect we really will start changing the world when we can face our fears and come from the energy of  "love".  I use this word carefully with the proviso that it is an often misunderstood word.  A word I'm only just starting to get a handle on.  Probably to simplify what I've said imagine the old cartoons where a little devil stand on the shoulder of the main character and a little Angel stands one the other shoulder.    Within our heads and self talk we have examples of both speaking to us.  The louder one is that little devil or our fear form.  The quieter one is also more peaceful  and is I believe greater than the self.  Now this isn't my thought.  It is a simplification of ideas from "A Course In Miracles".