We need to accept that the Peak Oil Doomers are essentially correct. Even if petroleum production "merely" plateau's, this will provoke a catastrophic contraction of the economy. Furthermore, unless we launch the infrastructural-reconstruction equivalent of World War II to build up US wind power, no combination of so-called alternative fuels will save us. ¿Why? For the very simple reason that future demand for energy (and other resources, such as water) is "infinite". No current energy policy proposal can ever be sustainable until the problem of inexorably growing demand is resolved. Every year we add 75 million human beings whose dream is to consume like suburban North Americans. Given the alarming state of the world's environment today, ¿what will be its condition if the Chinese economy lifts off the runway of Development? Restricting demand (population) growth is going to be the procrustean bed upon which humanity will writhe for the next century.