Very good points. The issue really comes down to the fear to take a chance. I had discovered that my position at a research university was redundant - I found a way to do my job without myself and my sizable income. I implemented the policy and received a pink slip several months later. I had thought it smart, for the best of the organization and thought that by finding a better cheaper way was what 21 leadership models described as necessary in the new global market - I was in fact told I was stupid by some and scared the pants off others. Now no one will hire me because I might do the same while they want to continue to do their old wasteful ways. I will find a better job because I shown what a leadership really is – living the principles you espouse. I selected the future over the present. We have to apply our own research-based concepts to our own operations. I have always joked that if you want to have a good fight get two or three experts on collaboration in the room but there is some truth in that. Ideas are only as good as their implementation and for colleges and universities to be relevant, they must not only research and teach but also live their lessons to truly be educators and conveyers of knowledge.