In response to Sam's vid on What makes you happy? I totally agree that there's a lot of happiness to be had by being in the moment. I just don't think it goes quite far enough. What about all the happiness we get from things we do out of necessity? I'm pretty sure when we figured out food storage, we had a few happy moments looking backward the following winter! I mean, is there no happiness to be had in memory or anticipation or the satisfaction of a job well done?

I also worry that suggesting all we need to be happy is to be in the moment smacks just a little too much of all what I hear from the pseudo-science/paranormal crowd, or as I like to call them, the Tie-Dye Crowd.  I think it's got some of the attributes of why people are religious.  It gives easy answers to hard questions, and it relieves adherents from responsibility.  And it's not particularly conducive to solving problems.