You know, I've been attempting to tackle this question a number of times and each time I come to the same conclusion. My outlook is blurred.

I have so many thoughts at once, I have a hard time processing what it is I want to say. That's my outlook. If given the time and patience, I have real depth in my thought, but because it's so unorganized, I have a hard time articulating what it is that I want to say in the normal time it takes to converse with people. That is my outlook.

I wish I had the ability to categorize, file and easily access all my beliefs and principles so that it was nice and organized and I could write it out in a nice neet essay. But alas, I have been attempting to do that all my life. Starting from a novel, to a movie to a blog entry yet how what I am and feel never gets described accurately. I feel different. My outlook always seems to be so far off from the status quo, but inexplicable to anyone but myself. That is frustrtating. Trying to communicate how different and unique you are but being held back by something like well thought of words.