I agree with your posit that our energy policy stalemate is caused by extreme views on the right and left of the political spectrum. Several years ago at a telecom conference held by David (Rise of the Stupid Network) Isenberg we were exposed to an energy/oil expert who stated that we were at or within a year or two of peek oil. What was an oil expert doing at at telecom coference? Well, David likes to mix things up.

The speaker made it very clear that the mideast oil fields were all past their prime and it was therefore not possible to increase production. He also predicted $100 per barrel oil with in 5 years (oil was priced in the $20 range at the time). Since that time his predictions have proved to be very accurate. OPEC often talks about reducing the flow but they do not talk about and can not increase production beyond their past peaks. You are right in that most people, even the supposed experts, either do not know or do not want to talk about it.