Moby not on top, never been on top? You're kidding, right? He was considered one of the top dance artists throughout the '90s (9 million sold, for his biggest album, millions more for the rest), had the first album to ever sell commercial rights to EVERY song on the album, and he continues to work on movie and game soundtracks (ever heard of Bioshock or the Bourne Trilogy) and produce for other artists (he has a website that is dedicated to providing free use of more than 300 of his tracks for independent and non-profit filmmakers).
I think he's here, 'cause he writes essays on various political and social subjects in the liner notes of his albums.
Really, hard rock and metal are my thing, and I know that much about the guy. You'd probably recognize at least half the stuff he's written, if you lost the attitude for a few minutes and actually LISTENED to his music.