Life begins at conception. It's that simple. When you abort a child you eliminate a person with thoughts, with hopes and dreams that lay in dormancy ready to become realized (no matter how small). You eliminate a person that would have a voice and mind and feelings. One hundred and forty eight years ago the united states fought over a core issue that threatened to tear it apart completely and forever. Whether or not a human being had the right to own another. It is the same issue today. If the union resolved that it was unlawful to confine and control another human, how so much more unlawful is it to take a life away from one who cannot defend themselves within the confines of the womb or because of their lack of maturation? I myself wouldn't be here typing this if it were not for the courage of my mother. At the time I was conceived she was very sick with anorexia and already had lost one baby boy to the combination of effects of the drugs keeping her alive and the illness itself, (In the eighties she was a health nut and went to far with the dieting). The doctors said that neither I or my mother would survive the birth if it happened and that they recommended to my mother to abort me. She would have none of it. Eighteen years and ten months have passed and I am now a fully grow man with an entire future ahead of me as a writer and anthropologist, and as a potential husband and father. Every day I tell my nephew that he is great and special. That every day he does great things. Regardless that he is eight months old I tell them these things anyway. Why? Because they are true! There is nothing more wonderful than a babes smile or the first time that he or she stands up and walks. We human beings are here to cause one another joy and investment though only for a short time. Life is fleeting. Why make life even more shorter for others than it already is? -Caleb Hounsell Concord NH