In the beginning there was Atom (matter) and Eve (energy) and they lived in the Garden of Equilibrium.

That is until Eve (energy) interacted with the Serpent (the self-canceling wave of everything / nothing).

And became aware of the Knowlege of Positive and Negative...

Forevermore seeking equilibrium, balance, the planes of the galaxies.

The self canceling wave of everything / nothing is now out of phase and as Atom and Eve are cast out of the Garden of Equilibrium there is a wildfire of activity at the edges.

Not a big bang, but an explosion of activity at the ever expanding boundary as everything / nothing is shifted into di-equilibrium (existence).

The universe is not being pushed outward by a devolving big bang; it is being pulled outward in all directions at an ever-accelerating pace by the wildfire of this phase shifting imbalance. Creation.

You think?

Oh, in the beginning there was the Word, or was it the Code? Genesis, or is it Genes Is Us?