No, but for differnet reasons. Bush and his handlers are trying to outmanuever Congress into getting the NAFTA Superhighway built and our borders erased. Never mind the immigration distraction Bush was fumbling around about. Dr. Ron Paul is on to this scheme and wants to end it before it gets unstoppable, but the media refuses to give him any "real" attention. Perhaps the Bush "thugs" have gotten to them all, but whatever. It pumps millions of dollars into Bush's friends interests to build the massive project. Taxpayer money has already been used for feasability studies, despite zero approval from Congress, which is Constitutionally necessary, but we're talking "the Dick & George Show" here, remember. They're above the Law, ask Nanci Pelosi, who refuses to initiate any impeachment proceedings, but everyone who wants to be informed already knows all that.

We're talking about many more jobs going outside our borders and more of our GNP going to other countries, as well. Canada & Mexico probably have been told this will all be good for them, but look who's telling them that. Biggest set of LIARS we've ever been led by.

It's strictly for profit and control, again, nothing more altruistic (when is it ever?) than that.

Greed, power, greed, money, control . Neo-conservative, fascism at its finest. Let's all do nothing and watch, shall we???? Come on, you sheep, wake up!!! and stop being led around by the nose & stop trusting the current puppet masters. The livelyhoods you help to save could be your own.....