In respose to ICARETOOMUCH's post, I don't feel I have ever been persecuted for being an Athiest.  Persecute is a strong word.  It's normally a much more passive aggressive sort of attack.  People just look at you differently once they learn you're not an old fashioned "god fearing" American.  People assume you could not possibly have an accurate moral compass without the guidance of organized religion.  Of course, this is just based on ignorance of what Athiesm really entails. 
One of the problems we run into is that the religious sometimes tend to feel they have an obligation to "save" those of us who have "lost our way" and that is simply insulting.  Evidence of this is in the millions of various pamphlets religious groups publish to "educate" the public.
The closest thing to persecution I have seen is when religious fundamentalists try to blame natural disasters on increases in Athiesm.  Of course, they also try to blame it on homosexuals, illegal immigrants, and all democrats too.  So clearly they are insane and the sooner they all die off the better off we will most likely be.
So while I have never felt persecuted, I have felt as if others assume I could not possibly be the same caliber of person that they feel they are.
I don't stay up nights worrying about it.  A little time and knowledge will go a long way.