No, Blackie. To begin with, many moderate Muslims can be seen on PBS and CSPAN, trying to do what you suggest. My fellow Jews have the same difficulty: fanatics and zealots will not heed moderates. To reach fanatics, one must have fanatics do the reaching out. Within Islam, Judaism, Christianity -- there are many flavors of fanaticism. The main hope is that the real bigshots in the various religions would attempt to get the fanatics to accept moderation. It would be a very strenuous effort requiring a lot more than moderates to teach their moderate views of texts. Many texts are absolutely clear and hateful, within all the Abrahamic religions. Ultimately, the fanatics have to be persuaded -- very unlikely. Within Judaism, we have many fanatics and rabid teachings, with no stopping of it in sight. We need the Great Powers to force the hand of each religion and get them civilized.