We are becoming more and more aware that the climate is changing, temperatures are rising, water will be in short supply due to increasing pollution and for the expanding agricultural cultivation underway worldwide. Business and the free market will have less importance as people are struggling to overcome natural disasters and basically just survive. We know we should be weaning ourselves off of oil and toward a clean energy supply like Hydrogen, which will have a benign effect on global warming. So here's a not so modest proposal: Its always raining too much somewhere and not enough elsewhere, witness the floods in the Ohio Valley and drought in the midwest this year to name just one instance. What would happen if we had a national system of aqueducts to carry the water where it is not wanted to where its needed? That's part one. Part two: Hydrogen can be made from splitting water molecules with electricity. A huge system of photo voltaic solar panels could be built in a place, say, like Death Valley, where it's sunny almost every day of the year and no one lives. The aqueduct system could be built along a parallel system of pipes carrying Hydrogen. Water flows to the "hydrogen farm", where electricity that comes from the sun is used to split the water molecule. The system would be a closed loop, with no carbon created. This would create huge numbers of good jobs that would not be able to be outsourced, and also set a good example for the rest of the world by being progressive and freeing us from oil dependence in the middle east. Where to get a good source of fresh water? Extend intake pipes to the ice flows rapidly melting at the polar ice caps. it would also help the oceans which are being desalinated, which in the long run, may disrupt established ocean currents. The system of aqueduct pipes could gradually be extended to be a global systems where water and hydrogen could be traded as a commodity with other countries for goods or services. Here's another idea: imagine a fleet of ships the size of aircraft carriers outfitted with wind turbines. The ships are based in the Caribbean. When a hurricane forms, the ships sail into and follow the path of the hurricane generating electricity. I wonder how much energy could be captured in only one storm? I'd bet enough to power the us for several months, if not a year. Of course this would require bold thinking and a redeployment of our current half a trillion dollars from defense to an investment in the future. But it would give hope and encouragement to everyone in the world, instead of the malaise we have today. Think of what President Kennedy proposed in the early sixties: to go to the moon. We achieved that goal in under a decade, but it must have seemed like a fairy tale to some who first heard it. We can achieve great things if we believe in them.