So the big bang and red shift...  One of these is an observable phenomena, the other a theory.

Red shift is much like the doppler effect, only pertaining to the electromagnetic spectrum intead of audible sound.  As lighted objects move toward you, its wavelength compresses and "blue shifts" into the hotter, higher frequency portion of the EM band.  However, when lighted objects move away from you, the wavelength appears to "red shift" into the lower EM band,

This is the current defense for the Big Bang theory.  Advocates assert that the force of the Big Bang was so great that energy is forcing galaxies and other stellar masses away from the center of this explosion.

But there are so many other physical properties at work here.  We have dark matter, which doesn't seem to actually be matter, and composes upward of 90 percent of the universe.  In theory.

I recently read that several astrophysicists believe the universe is flat (which is astonishing to me on a level so incomprehensible it is difficult to vocalize) and has been mathematically proven to be so.

I also read, though not so recently, that physicists believed the gravitational stresses associated with this intergalactic expansion would force the universe to collapse back in on itself.

So, the universe came from a big bang, exists on a plane where 90% of the bang's resulting matter/energy is forcing objects apart, and will collapse back in on itself, possible resulting in a singularity with nothing left to suck in until *BANG*.   Or, rather, *BIG BANG*.

My first problem is with the nature of a flat universe.  In a null system, completely devoid of properties except the singularity which is about to release universal matter, how does the explosion NOT occur in three dimensions?  Since there's no force acting on the singularity except itself (which is forcing everything outward,) then why wouldn't the universe by equally distributed, or at least resonably equal?

Second, if we agree that there is a force accelerating outward, how will gravitational stresses reel everything inward?  This entire possibility seems to be predicated on the notion that the universe is finite, which has not been determined and is quite a leap of faith.

These two questions seem enough for now to begin a discussion and establish some caveats with which to work.