You sre dealing with the question of a creator based on the ideas of a couple of major religions. First off, religions are the mythology of the culture they have evolved in. Mythologies are the way a culture explains questions that arise from living in that culture.  The two religions you cite are based on dogma that evolved in the Dark Ages of human history. In the case of Christianity I will say that the dogma has very little to do with the teachings of the proclaimed creator of the religion let alone the ideas of the Creator of the universe. God cares very little for our ideas about him, He is bigger than that and we can do better than continue to spew dogma that has no relation to the world we live in. If you know the fable of the blind men describing an elephant you have an idea of where man made religiions have gotten us. I am indifferent if a person believes Yaweh, God, Allah or Raven first brought light to the world, what matters is what are we doing with the creation it illuminated.