YES! The threat is evolving into a resurgence of worldwide antipathy towards Jews, for being arrogant and unwilling to actually do anything besides what Israel "wants." Israel is seen as throwing gas onto the fire by sending in more settlers to the West Bank and unapologetic for the multitudes already "settled." Israel is also militarily weak, based on its loss in Lebanon. Economically, Israel appears strained increasingly by USA's economic weakness. If Iran or Mideast terrorists get nukes or radiologic weapons, the terrorists' behavior is increasingly insane. Increasingly, Israelis insist that their weapons and antimissiles are effective, as if they were American military lobbyists or bigshot Russian medal-wearers. If the USA economy tanks, that would create a big crisis for Israel, and that is a new threat. But perhaps the biggest threat is a kind of "who cares" attitude as the world gallops toward plutocracy.