I'm glad to hear I've formed a more modern version of something. The inherent flaw you mention is actually one of the main points of the idea. By using the current understanding of the universe, I can imagine a new God more evolved than a previous God.

The same God, just updated.

As for it may or may not be true, I would have to put my money on it not being true. We constantly prove ourselves wrong. (It's a necessary process in the act of improving).

So even this form of God that I have put forth, is not a true God.

Never thought it was. It's just the best version I have going. The idea is "Imagine God Evovling". All three words are of equal value.

Imagine is a command. It's a personal challenge to use your imagination when thinking about God.

God is an almost knowable idea. An idea that can make your life, and the lives around you, better.

Evolving is the ability to survive, through change, and adaptation.

So if you believe there is no God, or you can't image there is a God, then there is no God. But you are the one making the choice to go it alone...and for what reason? To prove that you are right, and nondelusional?