There a 100 billion things you can do with that kind of money. But with such an opportunity, I would invest into something that is residual, but in many ways not just money. 

I dream of investing into a number of the most impoverished countries in the world. Establish technologies that provide free energy, clean water, a strong agriculture, and housing. The technology is there it has been invented, But noone is jumping on the band wagon. THe best part is that we can establish learning institutions that reasearch and teach the technology to the youth! Over a few decades the country might be better off than many other countries. They can work and live for themselves! 

Better yet, we can continue to test and develop better systems over at those countries. Then use those same technologies accross the world. 

This would be my dream but unfortunately I believe such peace is impossible as long as someone wants the biggest pot; eventhough he/she has everything needed to live comfortably.