hmmm writers who hate writing seems like such a sad place to be - i think to myself - art is about caring for our individual and collective imaginations and if you can't not do something - if you are compelled to do something can't stop thinking about it then you might do something interesting and if you can not do it then better not to do it but if you are touched by the wonder of the imagination and infected by the possibilities of discovering the unimaginable how wonderful that is to experience and to possibly share that too - so remmicks comment strikes a sad note and at the same time his love for writing is nice to hear his positive relationship to as i like to think of writing to me is gardening and playing with words, but then again i have had periods of what i call binge writing which like like henry miller when asked where he got his inspiration - said i hate inspiration it's like a fire that consumes you eats you up and its not you sitting right here - food for thought - geo