1)If in fact, objects and motion are required for us to perceive time, then did the big bang start objecta in motion and create the need for time?

-Objects and motion are required for a human to perceive anything, as if a light wave or sound wave (or other physicaly vibration) did not occur, our senses would give us no information (and in fact we would not exist at all in our present form). Present scientific theory dictates that the Big Bang did start things off, but that the laws of physics were given the form we see today shortly afterwords when matter began to outnumber anti-matter.

2)Did time exist before the big bang?

The above leaves open the possibility that what we define as space and time (or space-time) did not exist prior to the Big Bang. However, we have not yet - nor do I beleive it is possible for beings who exist entirely within the universe, developped a way to measure anything prior to the "start point" of our space-time.