Compatible? Too inaccurate.


We are not talking about a tangible relationship or one's proximity to it let alone that a sodium/water reaction from such a pairing may be what was intended. I love fireworks!


Faith and reason are intellectual activities, fundamentally intangible. In their purest definition and understanding they appear precisely intertwined on a greater palet of knowledge, each a process in degrees of realization toward an enlightenment, or revealing, of what is being reasoned toward or believed in. Awareness has much to do with increasing certainty of both.


Any sense or perception of incompatibility may more accurately be a cognitively dissonant experience encountered upon their juncture having inadequate understanding between them. In a way, can you really not get there from here in a purely intellectual exercise? It's the first exercise in which one should be able to succeed in this respect.


Compatible? They're inseparably (inextricably?) dependent upon one another for a full understanding of each.