This was originally posted as a comment on another idea that seemed...ill-formed. I repost here as a seperate idea.


I have an interesting idea I've been thinking about. If the universe was condensed into a singularity at one time (or many), how would it's size be relative to a pea? (Like so many have suggested.) As far as I know, (and I'm only a layperson), if there is only one thing in space, then everything is relative to it, correct? There can be no distinction between the space surrounding the singularity, and the singularity itself, since there is nothing else BUT the singularity. One would have to imagine an infinite nothingness expanding outward from the singularity to attribute a 'pea-sizeness' to it. But there can't be any space without something in it, right? Relational coordinates between objects, right? This confuses me greatly, and I would appreciate feedback from qualified, (or even semi-qualified) people. Thank you.