I wonder if the focus is not on the wrong area.  Several people I know attempted to study Certificate IV in Nursing (Div2) at a local TAFE.  “A skills shortage!”  “More Nurses needed urgently,” were the cries.  The response was over 600 applicants for the one course.  All paid a fee to sit the test and have a selection interview.  Approx 570 of the applicants were told the places were now filled and to try again next year.  That is a lot of disillusionment.  Not to mention that the total fees paid for that one selection process would have funded another tutor for the entire course.  I wonder why there were only 30 places available and still the cry for more nurses is ringing out.  Where is the shortage and why cant they open up 2 classes a year?  I know that of the 570 people who were turned away, there must have been a considerable amount of competent and capable future nurses in that group.

Do you think the people who keep crying out for more nursing staff aren't looking at all the factors?