Our lord, the one infinite creator, does not blink before good or bad.  Good and bad are just actions, there is no good or bad, only what you choose to do and choose not to do.


The reason that we think in terms of good and bad is because certain people are manipulative and will make situations go their way and oppose others.  What we are learning now is that we are self-aware, and now we must either become aware of others or reject the thought of others being our equal.  So in this 3rd-density world that we call Earth the people who manipulate others take advantage of them and cause wars against other manipulative people, so there you have the "good" and "bad".

The church has labeled everything either good or bad since their beginning.  Sex before marriage is "bad" because there would have been a lot more fatherless children running around before birth control became around.  Doing drugs are "bad" because they alter your mind and could permanently mess you up.  Going to church every sunday is "good" because the church gets donations 1/7 of the days of the year and it keeps the public majority clinging to the churches every word.

So I'm asking you, if you would wish to, do what YOU think is right all the time.