Why are Senator McCain and so many others so afraid of universal healthcare? Would McCain and other opponents of universal healthcare have opposed the national interstate highway system instituted under President Eisenhower? The interstate highway system is a nationwide system funded by tax dollars. It has, for better or for worse, made possible of the tremendous growth of the United States economy since the 1950's. It is a publicly funded investment in our nation's economic health.  Imagine such a system made up solely of privately funded highways with tolls every several miles! That is what our current healthcare system is. Why not look at our highway system as a kind of model for healthcare? We have a publicly funded interstate system that is indispensible for transportation and commerce, but we also have toll highways for those who are willing to pay extra in order to travel on better maintained, less cluttered highways. Our healthcare system can provide similar options. Make everyone invest in a universal plan that provides good healthcare for everyone, but give those who are willing to pay the option of more expensive private care. I have seen universal healthcare in action in Germany, and there is no question in my mind that the United States is far behind the curve when it comes to providing good healthcare to its citizens. I see no excuse for objecting to a program that provides better healthcare to its citizens at lower cost. By expressing his unequivocal objection to universal healthcare Senator McCain is allying himself with the moneyed interests of Big Pharma and the insurance companies rather than the citizens he is sworn to serve.