Karmanical: It would seem that you are fairly young... I personaly have already been through the pot smoking stage back about 20 years ago when I was roughly your age and continued to smoke it untill about the age of 25. I then had more things in my life to concentrate on ...and basicly didn't like the feeling of not being totally in control...everybody is dif. it affects everbody's brain dif.. to some it just relax's them others it makes them paranoid and anxious...to answer your question right or wrong ? Its not a matter of right or wrong...the concept of right or wrong for anything depends on the age of the people or person committing the act..First of all a person has to be at an age to completely understand the concequences of his or her actions or habbits..basicly parents are there to explain these consequences to their kids because they speak from experience, and hope that they will make the right dec. for them self...smoking marijuana for you for instance may be something that is done as a past time like someone having a couple of beers after work ....or you may find that it is holding you back from preforming at your best...therefore you have realized that smoking it or being high only has certain times...I wouldn't drink a case of beer and then try and do paperwork for my job...or anything that requires me to be at my best thinking performance. Therefore it would make sense to limit smoking to times when you don't need clear thought...Any drug alcohol, pot, cigs anything if you feel a need for it. then yes it is wrong for you....If you don't have a need for it , its not a prob... and you just choose to use it now and again for recreation I don't see it being wrong...Not saying that it is good for you health wise but there are alot of recreational things that ppl do today that are def. not good for us...hope this gives you a little bit to think about.. but the main question is do you! think you are old enouph to completely understand the consequences of you actions.?