Creation by evolution.  God said, "Let there be light" and 50 billion years later, here we are.  This is not the vengeful God of the Old Testament, nor the kinder, gentler face of the New Testament's God the Father, nor is it Allah. I do not believe that one person in the entire history of people can know how it all began, why it all began, or how it will end.  For one group of people to believe that they have exclusive rights to God and Heaven is arrogant and sanctimonious. My southern Baptist upbringing would have me believe that Ghandi, Siddhartha Gautama, all native Americans, and the still remote tribes of South America and Africa are all going to hell with Hitler, Charles Manson, and me.  Rabbinical scholars that study only with the Old Testament agree that the seven day creation tale was created indeed, by its authors, yet Fundamentalist Christians (& GWB) hold it to be true. Wake up and smell the fossil fuel, ya'll.