Alright. This is gonna sound VERY odd when you hear it, I'm aware but it's my theory of who God and jesus are.

First off have you ever noticed angels are always coming from the sky? well heres what i believe. Mary and Joseph never had intercourse to make Jesus, well any species that can achieve space travel can definately artificially inseminate someone right? so the angel that came down, an alien, told mary she would have the son of God (an alien race which is actually humans from a different galaxy that sent us here to live, he did create us in his own image didnt he?). So they probably brought her up enseminated her and thats where jesus came from. When he was at the age of awareness they probably brought him back up, told him who he was and what his purpose was.

This brings us to his miracles, most were medical. Is it not possible that he could have brought them up to the ship, or had the materials which then would have looked just as magical as if they werent there, and performed quick, alien technology, surgery? think about it, he cured blindness, maybe they beamed up the blind guy, restructured his eyes and all that good jazz and sent him back down with site. Maybe they reconnected tendons and vertebrae to cure the lame.

Its all very conceivable. The fact that he contacted his "father" quite often is interesting enough. They would definately have advanced communication devices and he could ask his "father" for advice or answers.

So in conclusion, I do not believe jesus was man he was an alien, an alien human (i believe aliens are homosapien but thats a different story). And I believe God was the entire alien race.

 (also why do you think heaven is always up? maybe its up and out, into space)