QuintessenceUploaded on 01/17/2008yes it is the electoral college vote needs to be taken out of effect and also our electoral branch is held captive by A colaboration of economic corperation leaders called the tri lateral commision. Thats the truth research it and youll find theres not much u can do about it. the tri lateral commision funds the campaigns for the people within or assosiated with there organization that is why a analogical good natured american with great ideas on solving the problems the united states and the world have could never be in office. I think the united states is being lead around by an elite group and we dont have a true democracy at all. but a country ran by the economic elite with there ability to allow only those of the 2 major politcal partys to run for president which you would have to do to have any chance of becoming president. in my opinion we should have a multi party system, a policy template for each presidencial cannidate on all major issues or views on things instead of trying to lie to everyone. and no lobbiests. please mind my spelling i havnt passed english 10 yet hahaha