Albert Camus, famous for his suicidal thoughts, said, "There is only one true philosophical question, whether life is worth living." Ah, but you did not ask whether suicide itself is acceptable but rather, in doing it, am I brave? or cowardly? If I do it because I'm old and feeble and a drain on my loved one's resources, couldn't that be seen as brave? If I do it slowly through bad habits I know are sapping my life, is that brave for sticking around to face my karma? If I choose to stand in a city street and immolate myself in order to bring attention to some social ill, is that a "better" suicide than if I hang myself because a boy doesn't like me? Suicide is a powerful statement. All of us consider it but only about one in 10,000 actually does it. It is not an easy thing to decide to do, because no matter how many bad things you are leaving behind, you're also leaving this amazing world without having a clue what's next. Maybe suicides should be less brave about marching through the big black door.

     So, is suicide brave or craven? As each person must answer for himself the essential questionof whether life is worth living, those who say no shouldn't be judged for their choice. Personally, I think the answer is to plant more flowers and watch how much they sweat being alive.