I think your question is a good starting point; however, If you attack scientology, why not attack all organized religion as being dangerous. Organized religions of different denominations can all be viewed as cults. I understand that relgion does a lot of good in the community, around the world even. However, these acts don't need to be centered around God, one can volunteer to build houses in Honduras without being religious. With that aside, religions collect millions, more probably billions of dollars every year (sorry, I have no concrete numbers) in the name of an invisible "man". If you ask me, it is the greatest scam/get rich scheme and control tactic ever devised. Seriously, you can't have sex before marriage because you'll go to hell? Eternal damnation is a hell of a way to control people to do what you want them to. I fail to portray the idea with the same elegance as my friend Richard Dawkins (I do not know him personally, but would like to believe him to be a friend). You may want to watch read some of his quotes or watch a short clip of him speaking on the topics of religion.