Globalization is not the driving force behind the struggles of socialist governments in Europe.  The problem with these nations is that their social safety nets, the system of benefits and assistance assured to citizens by their governments, have grown larger than their tax levels can support.  The reason that European socialist states are finding it difficult to maintain cradle to grave benefits is the same reason that this type of welfare state has not developed in the US: its just too expensive.  The reality is that taking care of people costs a lot of money.  If these people are not able to pay for themselves, they sure aren't contributing towards paying for others.  This creates a drain on government funds which can only be plugged by increasing taxes.  The unfortunate side effect of higher taxes is that the people have less money to spend on taking care of themselves.  This leads to higher government spending on taking care of them.  The spiral continues from there.  Socialism is a great theoretical idea.  In practice, it is extremely difficult to maintain.  Socialism is not a victim of globalization, its failure is the result of the seemingly permanent existence of the proverbial haves and have-nots.