ironic how the first 2 gifts we recieve at birth is life and inevitable death. the way i look at it is why a bad thing? yes obviously dying isnt cool but mabe its the ticket to a bigger show. mabe heaven? mabe hell? mabe something else that the bible or any other word of deity hasnt mentioned. we never kno for sure until we're there and what if theres just nothing? just death, the end. even then would it be that bad seeing how we wont have a mind to be able to care and analyze. the anticipation of thinking when your day will come is worst than the day itself i think. much like knowing youre going get a shot from the doctor and having to see the needle before its pierced through your skin and then after you think, ''huh, that wasnt that bad.'' pain is what scares a lot of people when u connect it to death. people always tell me that they wuld hate to drown or be burned alive etc. but you dont have a choice in the matter, when u gotta go you gotta go. im a firm disbeliever that things happen for a reason but they do happen and we just gotta roll with the punches. its a crappy enough world without having to think when its going to be your time to bite the dust. make the best of it and accept death at all times because when it comes it wont settle for rejection.