The I agree that illegal immigrants are violating the system however the problem is that those illegals do work that no other American wants to do. Also illegal immigrants contribute only are a small part of crime. I dont think a wall would be the best solution because it would make luxuries that the middle and upper class enjoy's unattainable.  Now I am perfectly happy giving up some luxuries if it means we are protecting our borders. But are our border in that much danger.  THe majority of illegal aliens are not terrorists they are working class people trying to better their situation is'nt that what America is all about? America is not selective. Everyone is allowed to play they may not win but at least they got their chance. A wall is not the answer to this growing problem it woul,d further isolate minorities from the government and minorities put together are the majority. If we have a majority of people displeased with the way our country is being run we are not upholding an important value of our country which is everybody's voice is heard.