To a few, that is not a lot of money. But I would love to have the challenge to invest and do a maximum of good with it. Basically here is what I would do. A portion would be a fund to assist entrepreneurship in underprivileged communities on an international scale. This would be focused on lifting the promising and capable from a life lacking opportunity – by his or her own efforts. The expected result of this would be the development of a sense of personal responsibility on the part of those who would create value in society as a result of his or her efforts.

But a major thrust would be focused on cultural development. In a part this is a reaction to the global technology expansion that seems to sap the mind and blur the focus of so many young today. Not to slight technical advancement, but in fact to balance learning and complete the human personality. I am of the opinion that a culturally rounded person is a healthier and happier human. This means funds would be put behind studies in the arts, music, and literature on many levels. Public and private schools, Internet content, through outreach programs of performing arts organizations, libraries, etc. are a few avenues for the investment. And an investment it would be with some portion expected to be actually profit yielding to promise ongoing supply of support to all.

That is what I would do with it, and I am always open to discussion. .