Excellent question fellow rambler. I've also wondered the same thing when I learned about the big bang theory. An infinite small speck of everything containing our universe can only seem to exist in some other universe and not our own universe because our universe is contained in the speck itself. But then where did that come from? The problem with cyclical Big-Bang/Big-collapse models is the fact that the expansion of the universe is accelerating and not showing any signs of slowing down to a collapse. However, to say that our Universe is created by some God is to accept ignorance. A paradox is created when you have a creator, wich is similar to the Big-Bang question you proposed. If there is a creator, who created the creator that created the creator. A creator complex enough to create the complex universe in which we live is many times more improbable than saying we are a product of a sensible evolution process starting with the raw elements of the universe.