vidgoru, humbly I offer some ideas.

Obviously, I know nothing about you nor how you make the connection between "enjoying a quiet environment" and "improving one's character." I am left to address these offerings separately.

Congratulations towards "enjoying a quiet environment." That sounds like an on-purpose vacation, though we don't know at this point your age or experience with such. When you honestly say you enjoy something and it does not take away from nor cause harm to anyone/anything else, it portends to be a positive conclusion.

Improving one's character? Always strive to listen more than you speak (favor input vs. output) and never stop learning and processing knowledge. I believe this can be accomplished no matter what the individuals chosen environment is.

The more we learn; the more we understand (eventually, if not sooner) that it is unending, while we exist. This leads to being comfortably humble and that is possibly the most admirable character perspective there is. You may know this from dealings with prideful individuals and those who "throw up" (continual output) seemingly all the time.

This is how one learns to love their self, by replacing the unknown, things to fear and the like, with knowledge. And loving one self is an absolute need before one can truly love another.

I hope this finds you well and happy.