As a gay male who is just now discovering my sexuality and entering into an adult world where I can see the affects of LBGT groups and other organizations, I am not totally convinced they are always helpful. The problem with all minorities is the idea that many leaders of the minority want to exist as a separate group. Whether it is African Americans, Latin Americans, Muslim Americans, or Gay Americans, every minority group seems to have the couple of bad seeds that get the attention for wanting to keep from just being Americans. LBGT groups can be a useful resource, but often gay movements help further the stereotypes. For example, an LBGT group that helps promote AIDs awareness and research and helps with teens questioning their sexuality is an amazing thing. On the flip side, we do have LBGT groups that put on these fancy gay pride parades where gay men are half naked and dress like women. These groups actually hurt the LBGT cause more than help because give the people that are afraid of homosexuality more proof that we are not normal. And while keeping our own identity as Gay Americans is important, we must never be so foolish as to think that being just Americans is not important.