I'm not sure about societal roles, but I know I have asked myself why I find it so difficult to relate to a person without knowing their sexual orientation? I don't care if they are gay, straight, bi, trans, or hetero. But people with ambiguous sexuality throw me for a loop. It's as though I'm foundering, feeling with my toes for common ground that eludes me. I should be able to relate to, and communicate with, others as human beings. And no doubt, were I to spend time with a sexually ambiguous person, I would learn enough about him or her to be able to do that. But on a first or casual meeting, I find myself uncomfortable. Is that societal or the built-in response of an organism that is subconsciously always evaluating others in terms of threat to survival? In this modern age, such a species-oriented concern should be laughed off, shouldn't it? And yet, I can't help but feel that is what is at the root of my discomfort.