(Part 1 of 4) The problem is not Iraq, her politics, her beliefs or her people. The problem in Iraq is American born. Specifically American foreign policy exemplified by the proposition above, that a "comprehensive strategy for handling the Iraq situation" could be arrived at without the other parties present is ludicrous. A roadmap for peace is not something you come to in a focus group. (Part 2 of 4) Unilateralism generated the Fundamentalist paradigm you are at war with. More of the same will not fix the problem. The solution is leave the Country to heal. Allow to the UN to fulfill the mandate it was established to undertake. If you want to push your weight around as a nation why not push indicatives to make the UN more democratic. The present security council is currently unrepresentative of it’s global constituency. What it can be is a true Multilateral institution. But this would only be possible if it's headquarters where relocated, to let's say Canada. (Part 3 of 4) A joke yes, and may be a poor one. But until the US starts to plan a retreat from the Empire it is currently trying to establish, it will not likely to survive the fulfillment of it’s project for a new American century. This century will likely belong to Africa, China and India, and shutting the media off from this fact will not change the outcome. (Part 4 of 4) The problem is not Iraq, her politics, her beliefs or her people. The problem is the American dream can not be broadcast to the 60% of India living without electricity. Democratic states in Arabia will not lower the price of oil when there are no new reserves to be found. Millions of Africans dying of curable diseases, mal-nutrition and neglect do not care if America has overcome it’s racist origins, when the ravages of colonialism continue hold an entire continent to less than 1% of global trade. And finally the Chinese are doing fine without democracy. In fact you owe them a great trade debit currently. Before the reformation of the Iranian democracy, reform Washington. And before aiding anyone abroad help your brothers in New Orleans. That will do more for America than a century of global interference.