I posted this earlier on a thread about individualism, but it is relevant to this topic as well.

    We have seen a remarkabe transition, facilitated by modern communications technology, towards radical centralization.  Our modern world econony can be described as as outgrowth of the McDonalds model.  It is more profitable and efficient today to run a multinational corporation than a small, independent shop.  Economic calculation makes the world go round, and this is manifest in globalization.  Americans effectively sell our materialistic values to other nations, replacing their cultures with ours.  The people of those countries trade their own culture for dollars.  Globalization homogenizes the landscape of the world, much like McDonalds and other fast food chains homogenized America in the last 50 years.  This takes power out of the hands of governments and places it into the hands of corporations, a process that drives the creation of modern trade agreements.  At a certain point, these interests will grow so powerful that they will try to form a worldwide trade union or world government, which will greatly improve business efficiency.  This entire process sees individuals as cogs in a machine, and if those individuals see themselves as those cogs, they become more prosperous.  And so people will sacrifice their freedom and individuality entirely for material gain.