"The voice of intelligence ... is drowned out by the roar of fear. It is ignored by the voice of desire. It is contradicted by the voice of shame. It is biased by hate and extinguished by anger. Most of all it is silenced by ignorance"

Immigration for me is not a social issue.  It is not an issue of morals.  It is not an issue of right and wrong.  Instead it is an issue of survival.  Our economy as it is is struggling.  Granted our struggles are surely (or hopefully) only temporary in nature.

 But, I must ask: How ignorant is America?  Why is our voice of intelligence being drowned out by our fear to put ourselves first?  Why is it ignored by our desire to please everyone?  Why is it contradicted by the shame we fear from exclusion?

Illegal immigration rings on many levels.  From the comments I have read the view range from morality, to democracy, to freedom, to exclusion... and so on.  My problem rests not in the people.  While I must admit, it is annoying not to understand a fellow American.  My problem lies solely in MY economic future, MY parents economic future, MY children and their children and their children's children and their economic futures.

 Are we so blind as Americans not to look down the road?  There are some 20 MILLION illegal immigrants in America.  Our excuse for this, our reason for the blinders and ignorance, for the most part, is our belief that they fill jobs we as Americans do not want.  I must agree, I personally do not aspire to fill many of the jobs they have.  However, I do encourage each and every one of you to visit http://immigrationcounters.com/ merely for the statistics.  If anybody believes they have better statistics; I would love to entertain them.

But, my problem does not lie with the 20 million illegals in this country or the some 20 Billion dollars it is estimated they have sent to Mexico in the last year, because I have resigned myself to the fact Sen. Clinton was correct when she said it would take how many thousands of federal agents and what great impediments on our civil rights for those agents to find and eradicate each illegal in this country. 

My problem is in another statistic.  The some 5 million illegal children in our public schools.  Are so ignorant as to think that while, yes, the first generation illegals are taking jobs we may not want, but their children are in our schools.  They are in our schools on our dime doing exactly what our families did in the centuries of Staten Island.  They are aiming to be more than their parents.  They want to take this education and appreciate it, unlike many Americans.  However, that is our right.  Like it or not John Stuart Mill made a good point to the autonomy of a person to make choices of their own free will in regards to their self so long as it causes no harm to a non consenting party. 

But, I have digressed, the point is this.  Illegals for our economy are our future downfall .  The second and third generation illegals are going to integrate into society fine, with no language barrier, and without many of the concerns people have now.  They will be documented, they will pay taxes, they will have legal children.  But, they will also flood our job market.  It is the second and third generation illegals that our children's generation will be competing with for jobs.  There is a stark distinction between Staten Island and the non-existing border between America and Mexico.  The distinction is that we are not a booming growing nation in need of a growing population.  We are a stable country with an economy that is already struggling.  A country with an economy that some people believe is barely hanging in the balance.

This is our country.  And personally I believe we have the right to ensure domestic tranquility and have a right to defend ourselves as current legal citizens.  I ask you to put aside the billions of dollars illegals are costing us now, and look at the future.  Look at the jobs that our children and grandchildren and future generations that are going to get harder and harder to get.  These people aren't going back, they are staying and reproducing.  And, one day, I warn you.  Our children are going to look back and say "Why grandpa, why didn't you fix this when you could?"  We worry so much about global warming.  And, how we must leave this earth in good condition for future generations.  Well perhaps it won't be the severe weather changes that will kill our children and grandchildren.  Perhaps it will be the economic pressures.  Perhaps it is time we cut our losses.  Allow the current illegals to die out with time.  Let their children stay, they are already here and the cost would be too tremendous and the liberties lost would be great in order to rid the country of every illegal and their children.

But, please, please America, don't be blinded by ignorance.  The children of these illegals are wanting to become something more.  And, I applaud them.  One day they will be doctors, lawyers, and businessman, and not only people we look down upon for lesser jobs.  Protect what is ours.  If we were attacked by a physical enemy we would unite and spare no expense in our quest for victory.  But, we sit back and watch as our economy is torn from the inside out because we are too ignorant to see 20 30 40 100 years down the road.  CLOSE THE BORDERS.  Build a true fence with countermeasures, we must do whatever is necessary to keep our country safe.  I am not racist, but I do believe in protecting myself and my own first.  Perhaps its my primitive instinct of natural selection.  But, I want my children to have a bright future.