Do we not wake up everyday seeking personal enjoyment, I mean why else would we get out of bed. Even people who are suffering wake up seeking personal enjoyment on some level as long as its not just a strictly surviving today type scenario. I mean I could be grieving for whats going on in Kenya right now and it might be a nice gesture but it would'nt help anything over there. Honostly worldwide suffering should not prevent anyone from seeking personal enjoyment in their day to day lives, if anything it should remind us to live well and live happily becuase thats not always possible.

As for blocking out suffering I belive thats kind of an absurd ntoion. Suffering is as much a part of life as joy or death and to block it out would not only be inappropriate but it would be cold. However the presence of suffering should never prevent anyone from seeking personal enjoyment.


Ps. I put this as a comment by accident because im new to this site but i really wanted to put it here, sorry about the double post.