I had a near-death experience not too long ago. I would like to share for the sake of discussion and hope I won't simply be judged... One night after a long period of time (many years) of drug use, I was using cocaine intravenously with some friends. As I took what I said would be my last hit of the night, I blinked my eyes and blacked out. In what seemed like a single second, I looked up at my friends, tasting blood (I had fallen down) and was confused. I had been seizing and they had called the paramedics. When they got there, luckily, I had stabilized enough where I didn't need to go to the hospital. I was informed though that a few milligrams more and I would have surely died. Since then I have been trying to stay clean. I began seeing a doctor to manage my addiction, which is going fairly well, despite a few slips time to time. I also realized that my self-destructive rush seeking behavior was absolutely going to kill me, and probably in the very near future. Although I don't believe in God, I believe I was given a second chance, and I better not screw it up by playing with tempting piles of powder.