I really enjoy movies, and I'm sure there are quite a few that have really caused a shift in my perceptions and my ways of thinking. The one movie that really sticks out to me though, is FIGHT CLUB with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. I watched when I was rather young, so I think it had a greater effect on me than it might otherwise have had. I remember for the longest time trying to imagine the practicalities and motivations of destroying everyone's financial records. I was only in fifth grade, but I was aiming to understand just exactly how 'ridding the world of debt' and therefore classicism based on socio-economics (to an extent) would change the world. To this day, I usually have two main solutions to any problem. One of them is acceptable and within reason as a solution, but I always come up with a radical one, one that causes a major shift to something more. That's how FIGHT CLUB changed me.